Happy One Year Anniversary

Here we are 365 days after my blogging debut. I still remember the day when I decided to start sharing my thoughts online. Yes, I remember having practically no idea of what I was doing. I remember being insecure about it.

And honestly, after one year nothing has changed. I still have no clue about what am doing with this blog. Posting once in a blue moon and paying for a wordpress plan which has absolutely nothing over the free one except the fact that you get to choose your own domain name.

When I had to renew, I thought that I would simply let it go, I was too tired to write. I wanted it to be a platform where I could share my thoughts under complete anonymity. This is why I deleted my instagram page related to the blog.

This I hope will help me in being more open in what I hope to express. I will simply let go of what I feel and post stuffs I feel comfortable in sharing. So, one year, after the launching of my blog I wish to thank my 9 followers. They are not much but it surely does feel reassuring to have them by my side. Atleast I am not alone in this adventure. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for you make me feel my blog is worthwhile.

For the coming year, these are the targets I have set myself:

  1. Post more often.
  2. Engage myself with the online blogging community.
  3. Create engaging blog posts.
  4. Not to stick with one language since this can hinder creativity. For those who don’t know I am fluent in 3 languages.

So, please bear with me as we take another trip around the sun.

Until next time;

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