Three Things – August 2019

August marks the beginning and the end of awful and good things. August has been a painstakingly long month. So much has happened during these 31 days. Heartbreaks, treason and new beginnings. August made me wonder, question and cry over the choices I have made over the last few months.

Let’s start by the end, I began what the millennials call “Uni Life.” Or what older generations might simply call; University Life. It sounded fun at the start, I thought I was doing a course I loved, but no, I was not. Well, let’s just say am not sure anymore or is it just that most of my lecturers are s*****? Having been a teacher myself and as my teachers in high school were total sweethearts I hate having to bash this profession. But seriously?

Come on University of Mauritius, you could have done much better. Lecturers who read slides and as you ask questions simply reread the slides again, gives powerpoint presentation online at 11 pm(students have a life too), gives a classwork then leave the room for 30 minutes straight then come back only to leave the room again for 30 minutes and asks you questions because they do not know what they are supposed to teach themselves. Lectures in which you only relearn what you have learnt in A-levels?(Guess it is time to update the module…) and again lecturers who do not send you lecture notes but expect you to know in week 6 what they taught in week 1.

Anyway, I firmly do regret my choice of staying in Mauritius or rather coming to the University of Mauritius. At other Universities, they teach you how to do assignments during the orientation week at the UOM you have to figure it out by yourself and the orientation week is non-existent. God forbids, I have 3 years to spend in this institution. To anyone reading this post, please do not go to the Uom, please do yourself a favour. You deserve better than this.

August have also taught me the meaning of the Shakespearian quote :”All that glitters is not gold.” Sometimes it’s simply copper coated with a very thin layer of gold. It’s like leaving a friend for another one but as you move on, you realise that the closet of your new friend hold in more skeletons that he lets you see and here goes the strand of illusion you have been dangling on. The moment the curtains are raised and you come to realise that your old friend was right. New is not better than old, he is simply better at hiding things. So, should you apologise to old? Should you move backwards even if everyone keep telling you he is past? He has already moved on, so what should you do? Nothing but regrets here and one advice is to always water your own grass and plant your own flowers cause people ain’t s***.

And to end with, I left “Le cocon familial.” I did not see a prettier way to say I went to university and departed from my home country and all that I have ever known. These French words which mean the caterpillar has metamorphosed into a butterfly resumes perfectly the situation.

If this year was a rollercoaster, then August is the downward side where it feels like I am falling and am screaming my lungs out to be saved. Yet I cannot get out of the blues I have been feeling. I simply wished, the first week of August lasted a little bit longer…

Until next time,

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