Three Things – May 2019

As spring blooms in the northern hemisphere, the southern end of the earth knows a darker fate. Winter has come, and it’s here to stay. The month of May does not call for celebrations, instead, hot chocolates and long mornings should be the remedy for these dark, gloomy and cold days ahead. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford this luxury.

Winter has ended, in both the northern hemisphere and in the world of Westeros (any Game of Thrones fans here?). Yes, been following this show since 2015. This whole season has been a tearjerker. Having what remained of the Starks reunited and the death of major GoT characters were heart-wrenching and gave out mixed emotions. The Starks got reunited only to separate once again. Some characters’ death was way too soft or too brutal. Sandor Clegane death with his brother during the CleganeBowl felt more like an “opera type” rather than what GoT has been culminating to. Cersei’s death was too “soft” like who could expect a machiavellian character such as her to die in the arms of her “lover/brother” under bricks as the building comes crumbling. On the overall, the final season was great, yet the ending was sad-isfying. The show aired on Monday morning in Rodrigues. Since most of us have to work, many had to wait until the afternoon to watch it. Avoiding social media due to spoilers was a constant mental battle.

After coming back from the Seychelles, an internship came my way. It was an opportunity I had to seize. I began teaching at my former high school. It is an awesome experience, I get to be in my teachers’ shoes and honestly, its no easy task (blog post coming soon). You are confronted with new challenges every single day. you have to introduce new topics, find a way to make it meaningful for the students. Sometimes, even youtube tutorials don’t help… Guess there are things only experience can provide. I am expected to stop teaching on the 19th of July. Honestly, I love teaching. I thought I’d be pissed off (really I am, most of the time) but I ended up loving something I hated.

It has thereby been a month of self-discovery. Whereby, once again after stumbling, I’ve learnt about a new facet of life. I’ve discovered that I can teach. Something I have always turned my back onto. I’ve also discovered how lenient of a person I am. It also took me by surprise when I learnt to develop ties with my students.

Until then, take care,

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