Should You or Should You Not Work for a Relative

During the holiday season, most teenagers seek a part time job to either afford some luxuries they have been dreaming about a whole year or to help their parents in the financing of school materials. The lucky (or unlucky ones; you tell) might end up working for a relative. Working for a relative include various pros and cons.

After personally experiencing the idea of working for a relative, I can honestly say that it was not all sunshine. After completing my A-levels in November, I began searching for a job and ended up working for an aunt-in-law. She was not a perfect boss, like an aunt who loves you and gives you a job, she was a screwed person, money-minded and self-oriented. I guess that after all she was only human.

Positive vibes first, so the first perk is that you can literally arrive at any time you wish without being reprimanded. They are just glad you came to lend a helping hand.

If they are in the food industry, you will probably get free food. Probably simply because they want to prove something or show that they are generous. But still, who does not like free food? (silent yayyyy xD)

You might get a lighter workload depending on the type of relationship you maintain with them. If they like you loads you might end up with easy tasks such as filling documents, supervising workers, tasting food and rearranging tables.

However, since they are family members, they might also feel more at ease with asking you to do certain tasks. You might be asked to do their grocery shopping, pay their bills or even go to the bank for them. This might seem like a great opportunity for some window shopping, if only you did not have those 11 bags hanging from your hands you said to yourself as you walk through the town for the umpteenth time of the day.

They will spend their time trying to get information out of you about how well your family is doing. If you are naive enough, you might start having open heart discussions with them only to find out that their only aim was to compare their successes with that of your family. If one day you ever do something wrong, prepare yourself to be judged and the news to be spread like wildfire. Still, as a means for them to feed their ego about how much their child is better.

Chances are that at one point they might start feeling resentful and begin to accuse you of making them commit nepotism. Your qualifications are too low for the job they have offered you… Or nobody else will ever offer you a job like this. This is solely a tactic to make you doubt your abilities. (You are gold babe, remember this hun.)

You are likely to receive a low pay. The reason: You dare not bargain… Why? You do not want to be labelled as a money-minded person so you bear with it. If you were working in a restaurant, like I was, she will probably also take your tips. If you are the bigger person, of course you would not mind. But if you were looking forward this money to buy yourself or your mom stuffs then just too bad babe.

So, please do choose your battles wisely. Not every family member is worth working for or with. You definitely cannot choose your family but you can choose who you work with. Before making a choice, do assess the relationship of the family member, the aim of you working with them and the impact of your choice on the relationship you share with them if anything ever goes wrong.

Until next time,

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