Is Women’s Day Still worth the Penny?

As from the 8th March 1917, women’s day is celebrated internationally. We are in 2019 and the tradition has withheld the toil of time. Is it still worth the deal if the 364 days left belong to men?

This is no feminist blog. If you think about it, you would soon come to realise that women are only given dreams to cherish in their childhood. At a young age, as they start planning their future lives naively; they are allowed to cherish their dreams.

It is only later in life; when the one little girl who dreams to be an architect is held down by family members who force the “role of women” upon her.

  • No, you cannot go to lectures this late at night.
  • It is disgraceful for a woman to be in a room filled with so many men.
  • This is no women’s job.
  • No men will like being married to a women who earns more than him.
  • Your studies will take too many years off your life. You will be too old to marry or have children.

The now women, have to reposition her life around the society’s acceptable norms of how a women is supposed to be. Unfortunately, since it takes a whole village to raise a child, the blame cannot be thrusted upon family members only. The blame belongs to those little eyebrows raise when someone walking with “too much of skin showing” walks by, to the man who believes it is right to flash girls who walks alone on the street, to those guys who send unsolicited nudes and those people who still support rapists because the girl was wearing inappropriate underwear or has done it with one too many guy.

So as women, we should no longer contribute to this hatred. We should help each other another rise. If she wants to leave that abusive husband tell her its okay. She will be fine. You will be here to support her instead of, you will deceive your parents. How will your kids live without a dad. You will be a society outcast, It goes against religious norms.

Let’s not add another building block to a society created by men and for men. From the seatbelts in our cars and the temperature in offices, women are alienated in such a world. So instead of abiding to men’s book of conduct of how women should behave or how they should be treated. The glass ceiling should be broken. Not through legislatures or through words on paper but through mentality.

When a women succeeds in her walk of life or happens to climb the corporate ladder, do not bring her down through back talks, Congratulate her. When she decides to live alone do not discourage her by saying this is too dangerous. Tell her about the various things she could enjoy on her own. The power is in our hands, we have to seize it. If we dream of gender equality, we should first treat each other as equal. May the other she be of another ethnicity, skin colour or religion.

Being a woman is not a curse, but it could be if women’s day happens only on the eighth of March each year. So today, 11 days after the grand celebrations, give a sister the chance to choose, discover, live, glow and grow.

Until next time,

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