Three Things – February 2019

February has been a month rich with emotions. Since the very beginning this month was filled with various promises. The Mauritian’s secondary school cycle ends with the A-levels exams.The results were expected on the 8th of February 2019.

At approximately 10:30, the Minister of Education and Human Resource Tertiary Education and Scientific Research; The Honourable Mrs Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun; announced the names of the laureates. Surprisingly enough, I heard my name. The screams came out first, then the tears and finally, the unexpected happened; I got phone calls. People started calling, saying congratulations, this was just so heartwarming. Thank you all guys, who took the time to congratulate me. In case you might want to check, here are the names of the laureates.

However, partying and rejoicing over this achievement would not last long. A disaster was glooming above our heads; a tropical cyclone named Gelena was waiting patiently for its fifteen minutes of glory. As soon as we reached home from school, my mother and I carried the potted plants inside our homes and those which we were unable to carry inside were grouped together so that they would somehow be protected from the strong gusts. Many families spent the whole night of the 9th of February in the fear.

*It is to be noted that many people in Rodrigues are still living in houses made up of iron sheets and since the practice of agriculture is still traditional, livestock are reared in the open. Thereby in dangerous weather conditions, they are left in the open and have to withstand the rain and the strong winds.*

The following day, the island was unrecognisable. Roofs of houses were blown away by the wind. Trees, branches and leaves covered the roads. Boats had been smashed into pieces and animals were missing. There was no electricity, since poles were broken. Television and phone signals were down. Rodrigues had been thrown into a great dissaray.

A week or so, the roads were cleared and more than half of the population had access to electricity. The Special Mobile Force and Central Electricity Board workers from Mauritius came to lend a helping hand to the Rodriguans.

When everything was back on track, the Rodrigues Regional Assembly organised an award ceremony for the laureates and for the best performing students of the Redco Colleges. This brought a shimmer of joy after Gelena. A cyclone we will not forget anytime soon. This marks the all is well that ends well for the month of February.

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