Blogging-What’s the point?

Hello Dearies, I am happy you stumbled on this post and on my blog. I assure you will be spending a few seconds reading this article before realising it has no whatsoever link with the title however one thing I can’t tell yet is whether you’ll like it or not, for that, you’ll have to leave a comment.

 Honestly speaking I have zero experience in blogging (subtract the few days I spent reading articles about how to maintain a blog- this explains the tipsy blog title).  As it is my first blog, it will be about the easiest topics available on the market that is life, travels and experiences. 

I hope to make this blog as entertaining as possible as we move along my life journey. This blog is for those who’ve got time to lose. Its not for the serious readers who seek information about how to bake a cake in 5 minutes or how to live on a budget.

In fact, this blog will be for those who just cannot take life seriously and need a little bit of sarcasm and fun to keep them going. Therefore the articles will caricature these situations we all find a little bit too overwhelming.

You are free to send messages, suggestions or voice out disagreements about my future posts. So, if one day you find life a little too difficult to bear with and would rather sit on your couch drinking wine at 9 in the morning instead of going to work; do pay me a visit at

So dearies, if you decide to stay, brace yourselves since you are about to embark on an atypical life journey with me. 

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