Letter to my Feminist Self

We all have this version of ourselves which we cherish. The person we aspire to be. In my head, am at the apex of feminism. Leading the women who dared to wear a bikini to the beach. Or the first and third wave feminism movement fighting for women's right to vote, to work and to... Continue Reading →

Un seul peuple, une seule nation

J'ai l'habitude de me taire sur les réseaux sociaux quand on parle de diverses sujets. Je doute de mon eloquence et de ma façon de m'exprimer. Jugeant que je n'avais pas pas assez l'esprit critique pour débattre ou que les arguments que je poserais sur la table serais pas assez pertinents. Pour une fois, par... Continue Reading →

What is Love?

For Harddaway, the answer was quite simple: "Baby don't hurt me." It might not seem too obvious at first, but Haddaway had already resumed love stories to the very best. When you love, you get hurt. This is inevitable. No love story is perfect and each one of them has its fair share of deceit... Continue Reading →

Happy One Year Anniversary

Here we are 365 days after my blogging debut. I still remember the day when I decided to start sharing my thoughts online. Yes, I remember having practically no idea of what I was doing. I remember being insecure about it. And honestly, after one year nothing has changed. I still have no clue about... Continue Reading →

Three Things – August 2019

August marks the beginning and the end of awful and good things. August has been a painstakingly long month. So much has happened during these 31 days. Heartbreaks, treason and new beginnings. August made me wonder, question and cry over the choices I have made over the last few months. Let's start by the end,... Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life of a Teacher

The time I had after completing my A-levels and the beginning of university life also known as holidays has allowed me to try various jobs. The first one being a supervisor in a food processing factory, a waitress, a photographer and finally a teacher. As May ended, my previous high school offered me an internship.... Continue Reading →

Trail Fauvette

I did my first trail on the 30th of June 2019, and honestly I was stressedI am no morning person, even less someone who listens to the radio.So two days before the D-day, I decided it was time to prepare myself. I did some ro...

Three Things – May 2019

As spring blooms in the northern hemisphere, the southern end of the earth knows a darker fate. Winter has come, and it's here to stay. The month of May does not call for celebrations, instead, hot chocolates and long mornings should be the remedy for these dark, gloomy and cold days ahead. Unfortunately, not all... Continue Reading →


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